Virtual Programs With miSci


miSci is excited to announce the launch of our virtual educational programs for groups and schools! With each program miSci brings our science communicators and standards-based science exploration into classrooms with hands-on experiments, all while keeping safe.


Each program is a 30 – 50 minute live virtual science presentation for up to 25 learners including a live experiment, educational materials and a chance to ask questions to our knowledgeable science communicators.





Current Topics:

Rosie Revere: Engineer

Learn about the engineering process and build a flying machine of your own.


Insect Invasion

Observe a vast world of insects and build your own model of a popular arthropod.


Just a Phase

Learn about Earth’s closest neighbor, the moon. Learn about the phases of the moon and how it moves through space.


Optical Illusions

Learn about how what we see is determined by both the structure of our eyes, and the structure of our brains!


Crime Lab Science

Solve a crime using real forensic science techniques.


Fun with Physics

Discover how physics affects the world around us, especially the forces of gravity and pressure, and observe how spinning objects can impact their world in surprising ways.



The smallest bits around us can make a big difference; be amazed by the changes in our world that are caused by some very tiny materials.


Dry Ice

Explore the states of matter with some super cold chemical ice!


The Magic of Electricity

Discover both dynamic and static electricity, learn about electric circuits, and see how electricity can be generated and used.


Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid N2 is 320 degrees below zero, three times colder than dry ice. Explore how it is made, used in science, and what this extreme cold does to different materials.



Frequently Asked Questions:

How are virtual outreaches delivered?

Classrooms will be invited to join a private Zoom session to connect with the science communicator at miSci. If you currently use your own virtual learning classroom, we can arrange for our communicators to connect to your classroom.

The science communicator will deliver the outreach over a video and audio connection.


How are the supplies for hands-on explorations provided?

Two weeks before a scheduled virtual outreach with a hands-on experiment, miSci will send a package containing the supplies for the classroom to your school or organization.


If You Have Additional Questions:

Please contact Cindy DeMarco, miSci’s Reservationist, at or via phone at 518-382-7890, ext. 228.

We’re looking forward to working with you!

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