Little Edisons

miSci’s Little Edisons program, for kids ages 3 to 5, is fun way to nurture the curiosity of pint-sized future engineers, chemists, and inventors. Sessions are 45 minutes long and feature hands-on activities designed to teach problem solving and to encourage the joy of discovery. Little Edisons takes place Wednesdays, from 12 to 12:45 p.m., and Saturdays, from 11 to 11:45 a.m. The fee is $12 per child for non-members and $10 for Members. Adults accompanying a child are not required to purchase an additional ticket. Hands-on materials are included.

On certain dates, the Museum may offer an additional Little Edisons program, 90 minutes after the usual start time, in the event that all available slots are filled.

Baby It’s Cold Outside
Saturday, December 3

Little Edisons read Animals in Winter by Henrietta Bancroft and Richard G. Van Gelder and investigate how animals live in the cold. Then we experiment with blubber to see how it keeps arctic animals warm and look at the homes of animals who use the environment to stay comfy. Participants make a book to take home so they can share what they learned.

Snow Shenanigans
Wednesday, December 7
Saturday, December 10

Little Edisons read the award-winning book Snow by Uri Shulevitz and learn about snow and snowflakes. Participants will make a snowstorm in a jar by mixing ingredients and creating a chemical reaction. Then we create a few sparkly snowflakes to take home and hang in a window or on a tree.

Frozen Fun
Wednesday, December 14
Saturday, December 17

Experiment with dinosaurs that are buried in ice and find ways to thaw them out. See what happens when we make a sled and try to slide down a hill of ice and a hill made of cardboard. Then Little Edisons make a melted “snowman” to take home just for fun.

Toy Workshop
Wednesday, December 21
Wednesday, December 28

Why should elves have all the fun? Little Edisons get into the toy making business and create some fun gizmos to take home!


What’s Going on Inside of Me?
Wednesday, January 4
Saturday, January 7

Little Edisons read the book Inside My Outside: An Independent Mind in a Dependent Body by Sara Pyszka and Corrie Legge and learn about what’s underneath our skin. Then we listen to our heartbeat and our stomach gurgle, learn where our heart, lungs, and digestive system are and make a model to take home.

What Happens to My Goldfish?
Wednesday, January 11
Saturday, January 14

Read a book about healthy eating, then learn what happens to your delicious Goldfish after your snack. Follow its journey through your body and learn how your mouth, esophagus, stomach, and intestines take all that nutrition before you leave what’s left in the bathroom.

Have a Heart
Wednesday, January 18
Saturday, January 2
Read a book about playing outside and learn why it’s good for your heart. What does our heart look like? How does it send blood to all parts of your body? We make a model of a heart to see how it works, and then draw our own bodies and add our blood vessels. Then we take our pulse to see what happens when we do some jumping jacks before we head home to play outside!

Just Breathe!
Wednesday, January 25
Saturday, January 28

Little Edisons read a book about staying healthy. Now that we know how our blood circulates, it’s time to talk about the lungs. Without them, the heart wouldn’t work! We’ll make a model of the lungs and then do a relay that helps us understand how the lungs give the blood oxygen to deliver to the organs in our body. Then we make a take-home book so we can share what we learned.


Blue Ocean Adventure
Wednesday, February 1
Saturday, February 4

Little Edisons read Kleen O’Matic by Beth Hudson and talk about real and imaginary robots. We meet Cubetto, our little wooden robot, and help it travel through the deep blue ocean! We learn about coding robots and the ocean all at the same time! Then participants create their own ocean creature and turn it into a scribble bot. What will your sea themed scribble bot draw?

Training an Ozobot
Wednesday, February 8
Saturday, February 11

Little Edisons read a book about robots, then meet a tiny robot named Ozobot. Participants train Ozobot to follow a paper path made with lines and colors, learn how to communicate with robots, and pretend to be robots. Then, we put on our engineer hats and create our own robot.

Star Power
Wednesday, February 15
Saturday, February 18

Star Power begins in the Planetarium. Gaze into the night sky and learn about nebulas and why they are called the star nursery. Then Little Edisons make their own nebula model and observe how it spins off stars and other materials.

Roving Mars
Wednesday, February 22
Saturday, February 25

Little Edisons go on an out-of-this-world reading adventure through outer space with the Dr. Seuss classics The Cat In The Hat and There’s No Place Like Space! Then go on a Mars Rover mission, wander the red planet, collect samples, and build a model of Mars to take home.


Hide and Seek Moon
Wednesday, March 1
Saturday, March 4
Little Edisons read the book Phases of the Moon and learn about the satellite’s different shapes and why it seems to disappear from the sky. Participants will learn to use binoculars to find the hidden features of the moon and create their own book about our closest Celestial neighbor.

The Earth and its Neighbors
Wednesday, March 8
Saturday, March 11
Read My Picture Book of the Planets. What’s in the sky above us? We’ll make a model of the planets, and see how far away they are, what color they seem to us on Earth, and their sizes. Then we’ll make a take home book to show everyone else!

Why are T-Rex’s Arms so Small?
Wednesday, March 15
Saturday, March 18
Look at some of Little Edisons’ favorite dinosaurs and learn what scientists think the purpose of their body parts served. Then we look at some present-day animals and see how their body parts help them live in their habitat. Finally, we try on a few Dino parts ourselves and see what it would have been like to live like a dinosaur!

Dinosaur Bones
Wednesday, March 22
Saturday, March 25
The book Bones is sure to make young dinosaur enthusiasts roar with delight! Participants recreate a T-Rex footprint, find out how big the King of the Dinosaurs really was, and explore how paleontologists learn about dinosaurs by completing a fossil rubbing to take home.

We Dig Dinosaurs!
Wednesday, March 29
Saturday, April 1
All Little Edisons love dinosaurs! First, we read a book about what kind of animals lived during dinosaur times and examine some real fossils. Then we’ll do some digging of our own and discover some bones that have been buried in time, then make some fossil rubbings to take home.


Under the Sea
Wednesday, April 5
Saturday, April 8
Little Edisons dive into the world of underwater creatures! Participants use a special underwater flashlight to help them view animals in the sea. Then we’ll talk about how we can help keep the oceans and waterways clean for our aquatic friends.

Little Gardeners
Wednesday, April 12
Saturday, April 15
Participants learn about growing their own healthy foods by reading Oh, We’re Little Gardeners! Then we discover how flowers bloom and plant some seeds to take home to their own gardens.

Waiting for Wings
Wednesday, April 19
Saturday, April 22
Little Edisons read the visually stunning book Waiting for Wings by Lois Ehloert and learn about the life cycle of a butterfly. Then we’ll make a model of the four phases of a butterfly’s life, and finally make our own unique butterfly to take home.

The Humble Butterfly
Wednesday, April 26
Saturday, April 29
Little Edisons read the book The Buzzy Bee Book for Kids and learn why bumblebees are so important. We’ll look at a real honeycomb and taste some honey, then play a game to see how bumblebees pollinate flowers. Then we’ll make a cute little bumblebee to take home.


Curious George Plants some Trees
Wednesday, May 3
Saturday, May 6
Curious George loves to go to miSci, finds out that the museum is planning a Green Day and wants to help protect the earth. Little Edisons learn how they can help too by learning how recycling and reusing can help save our planet. Finally, we will recycle some materials to take home a musical instrument.

Wind Energy
Wednesday, May 10
Saturday, May 13
Get ready to learn about the power of wind! Little Edisons build a sailboat and watch it use wind energy to move across the water, build a glider and see the best design to catch the power of the wind and fly the farthest. Last, we make a windsock to take home.

Wild Weather
Wednesday, May 17
Saturday, May 20
Little Edisons read Wild Weather and learn about the water cycle, make a cloud in a jar, make it rain, and demonstrate evaporation. Then we build a rain gauge to take home so we can measure the rainfall like scientists do!

Fun with Physics
Wednesday, May 24
Saturday, May 27
Read The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires and learn that trial and error is the scientific method that results in amazing discoveries. We examine some common things and guess what properties they have that make them suited to the jobs they do. Then we rummage around in some spare parts and make our own magnificent “thing.”

Laboratory Mayhem!
Wednesday, May 31
Saturday, June 3 : Last class
We celebrate the end of another year of discovery by making some wild potions, some explosive experiments, and surprising discoveries!

All onsite programs follow CDC and state and local health guidelines. If a child/adult is presenting COVID related symptoms, please refrain from coming to miSci. We will be happy to reschedule your visit.

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