Little Edisons

miSci’s Little Edisons program, for kids ages 3 to 5, is fun way to nurture the curiosity of pint-sized future engineers, chemists, and inventors. Sessions are 45 minutes long and feature hands-on activities designed to teach problem solving and to encourage the joy of discovery. Little Edisons takes place Wednesdays, from 12 to 12:45 p.m., and Saturdays, from 10 to 10:45 a.m. The fee is $12 per child for non-members and $10 for Members. Adults accompanying a child are not required to purchase an additional ticket. Hands-on materials are included.


Little Makers
Wednesday, October 27
Saturday, October 30

You can’t claim to be a Little Edison if you don’t make things! First, students read about Rosie Revere, who learned from her famous aunt, Rosie the Riveter, that it’s okay to fail if you keep on trying. Participants make a hoop plane and see if they can get it airborne. Then give a bear a ride on a boat built out of various materials. Take the plane and boat home and see if you can improve their design.



Shadows: Everybody Has One!
Wednesday, November 3
Saturday, November 6

Join us to read Moonbear’s Shadow by Frank Asch and watch as Moonbear tries to escape it, but he can’t! Then we’ll break out the flashlights and look at our own shadows. What makes shadows shorter? What makes them longer? Learn that during winter, the sun is farther away and shadows will be longer. Then act out Moonbear’s story with your own storyboards and take home a tracing of the shadow of our hand.

Talking About Trains
Wednesday, November 10
Saturday, November 13
Let’s get ready for miSci’s train exhibit! Students read Terrific Trains by Tony Mitton, then make an engineer’s hat while talking about what kind of cars power the train, carry the people, and carry cargo. Little engineers will build a funicular train that we can power ourselves.

How ‘bout Them Apples?
Wednesday, November 17
Saturday, November 20, and November 27
Little Edisons will don their lab coats and investigate the ins and outs of the apple. Best scientific methods will be used to observe and measure, test for buoyancy, and get down to the core and dissect their subjects. Participants will also learn some new words and make a book to take home.



Twinkle, Twinkle
Wednesday, December 1
Saturday, December 4
Little Edisons will leave earth and explore the night sky for a little while. Students will read the book Zoo in the Sky by Jacquelin Mitton. Make a sky full of stars and use a flashlight to see them shine and make a star to hang in our window at home.

Snow Shenanigans
Wednesday, December 8
Saturday, December 11
Participants will read Snow by Uri Shulevitz and learn about snow and snowflakes. Make a snowstorm in a jar by mixing ingredients and watching a chemical reaction. Then make a few sparkly snowflakes to take home and hang in a window or on a tree.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside
Wednesday, December 15
Saturday, December 18
Little Edisons will read Animals in Winter by Henrietta Bancroft and Richard G. Van Gelder and investigate the question “How do animals live in the cold?” Experiment to see how arctic animals use blubber to keep their insides warm and learn about how some animals use their environment to keep warm, and others put on their fur coats. Bring what you learned home in your own take-home book.

Frozen Fun
Wednesday, December 22
Wednesday, December 29
Experiment with dinosaurs who are buried in ice and find ways to thaw them out. See what happens when we make a sled and try to slide down a hill of ice and a hill of cardboard and make a melted snowman to take home, just for fun.

All onsite programs follow CDC and state and local health guidelines. A COVID survey must be completed for each child, each day before the program begins. The use of a face mask is required for adults and children 2 years and up. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the Museum and classrooms. If a child/adult is presenting COVID related symptoms, please refrain from coming to miSci. We will be happy to reschedule your visit.

Programs are available on a first-come, first-served basis and registration is required. To make a reservation click the button above or contact Cindy DeMarco, miSci’s Reservationist, at