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miSci’s archive is an internationally significant collection filled with millions of advertising documents, business records, 2,000 books, 1,300 films, papers, 10,000 patents, and two million photographs relating to the history of the electrical industry and General Electric (GE). The archives rank among the most important sources in the world for the history of the electrical industry. The collection is an invaluable resource for the study of the electrification, industrialization, and urbanization of American society and attracts researchers from around the world. The archives, together with more than 15,000 objects in the Museum’s collection, documents the impact that the electrical industry of the Capital Region of New York State had on the modern world.


Each year, the archives receive 400 researchers and more than 1,500 research queries from 30 countries by email, telephone, fax, and mail.  Researchers ranging from elementary school students, teachers, college students, professors, Ph.D. students, and railroad model makers, to national media companies.  Images from the collection have been featured in many publications and television programs, including Scientific American, This Old House, American Heritage, American Chemical Society, History Channel, Discovery Channel, Home and Garden TV, BBC, Japanese and German television, WMHT, WGBH, National PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, and The National Geographic Channel.

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