Challenger Learning Center

Due to COVID-19, the Challenger Learning Center is currently offline.


    • The Challenger Learning Center is a unique, interactive learning environment that allows students and visitors to join an exciting simulated space mission.
    • In an exhilarating exploration of STEAM activities and careers, participants are transformed into astronauts, scientists, engineers, researchers, journalists, and artists as they work together to achieve success. Participants are immediately immersed in a real-world scenario that exercises crucial 21st-century skills like problem-solving and critical thinking while fostering teamwork and collaboration.
    • Whether flying to the Moon, intercepting a comet, visiting Mars, or studying the Earth from the International Space Station, each participant plays a unique role in the mission as the team completes assignments, manipulates hands-on labs, and copes with simulated emergencies. Teamwork is crucial – if one member fails to complete a job, the entire mission can be put at risk. This differentiated approach allows for a truly personalized learning experience where students apply critical, scientific knowledge to real-world scenarios.