Butterfly Lecture with Radislav Potyrailo, Ph.D.

Learning from Nature:
Advancing Technologies from Biomimicry to Biomimetics and to Bioinspiration

Learn about sensors that were inspired by the iridescent scales of the Morpho butterfly wings with Dr. Radislav Potyrailo, Principal Scientist at GE Global Research.

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Modern demands for better energy conversion, improved materials toughness, ubiquitous homeland protection, and many other human activities and needs push the limits of existing technologies to the point where we may reach their fundamental performance limits.  Thus, without violating the laws of physics, chemistry, and electronics and without crossing the border into the 21st century science fiction, we need to develop new practical technological concepts and solutions.  This lecture will stimulate your analytical senses by posing fundamental and practical questions on how to learn from nature its best solutions and to adapt them to solve our own technological needs.  We will describe several examples of the successful technological developments originally inspired by plants, insects, mammals, and other species and will provide details on our research results in the area of sensors that were inspired by the iridescent scales of the Morpho butterfly wings.

Radislav Potyrailo is a Principal Scientist at GE Research. He holds Optoelectronics degree from Kiev Polytechnic Institute and PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Indiana University. His research interests include sensors, microanalytical instrumentation, and functional materials.  He has 85 granted US Patents, 150+ publications, numerous invited lectures and six keynote lectures at National and International Meetings. Recent awards include 2010 Prism Award by SPIE and 2012 Blodgett Award by GE Research. In 2011 Radislav was elected SPIE Fellow for achievements in fundamental breakthroughs in optical sensing and analytical systems. In 2013 Radislav was elevated to the grade of Senior Member of the IEEE.

Tuesday, March-11-2014 @ 7pm
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